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Limited Time Case Study Presents...
Why are the top 1% worth more than the 99% combined?
They follow an 8-Step Wealth Plan and you can too with as little as $250 per month to save / invest...
Hosted by Glenn Davis Jr., Financial Strategist
All attendees will receive a free downloadable "cheat sheet" to help implement this plan fast.
You'll learn...
  • The way billionaires have organized, automated, and structured their finances in the right "sequence" to fast-forward their wealth.
  • Investment strategies endorsed billionaires such as Warren Buffett.
  • How to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by sidestepping banks (and interest payments) by becoming your own bank with a little-known financial tool that was used to start Disneyland.
  • Why most retirement plans are the slow way to wealth accumulation and what you can do to speed it up.
  • How mainstream America gets ripped off by banks and financial institutions every day and what you can do to protect yourself.
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